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I am so glad that you chose to be part of WB-2125. It is our vision, as the staff of WB-2125, to influence as many Scouters as possible through presenting the Leadership Principles of the Wood Badge Course to at least 48 Scout Leaders from all levels of Scouting: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Varsity Scouts.

I have gathered the best Scouters possible to present to you the Wood Badge Leadership Principles. Together, the staff and I have a great program prepared for you. I promise you will have FUN and experience the “Game with a Purpose.” I promise you will be able to go home and lead no matter where you are in your daily lives.

During the course the participants will be divided up into groups or teams. You and your teammates will be together the entire course. They will become your next new friend, ally or source of information that will be with you throughout your Scouting career, and beyond. The memories you make at WB-2125 will help lead you the rest of your life. You will experience, first-hand, the series of team development. You will be part of a high performance team. You will grow in areas you didn’t know you needed to. You will have FUN. 

Once again, THANK YOU for choosing to be part of WB-2125. I hope you enjoy the course as much as the staff and I enjoy bringing the course to you. We will have FUN together as we progress through our Wood Badge Course, WB-2125.


Michael Brown,

Course Director, WB-2125
Leaving a Legacy of Service

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