You never know who you'll find in a "Fraidy Hole!"
SM Tina Kelly and Hal Yocum as Baden Powell

The first weekend of WB 2119 was a tremendous success despite Day One's tornadoes, torrential downpours, quarter sized hail and falling trees. The participants and staff faced all these challenges and triumphed. Tents may have been dampened, but spirits certainly were not. It was in fact quite the contrary, with everyone determined to look for the positives in each new situation.

The "Fraidy Holes," which is the nickname given to the new storm shelters, were cozy and inviting. If that's perhaps a stretch, then at least we can all agree that they were clean, dry and most importantly safe! With their own immediate well being assured, it's no surprise that those in camp quickly turned their thoughts and prayers toward those at home. Despite limited cell phone coverage, members of the course still managed to stay in close contact with loved ones and fortunately, problems on the home front all seemed to work themselves out.

As mentioned, tents set up for participants by the staff, didn't fair well during the storms and were basically abandoned for the last two nights of the course. The men ended up sleeping in Gilwell Hall and the women slept in the Trading Post. There were rumors of ear plugs selling quite high on the black market Friday night, but by Saturday night, everyone was simply too tired to care. Rumblings of every sort, both natural and unnatural largely went unnoticed.


 The staff of WB 2119 have scheduled a special Meet 'N' Greet with their participants on Saturday, March 10th in Eagle Lodge from 9am to 11am. The Lodge will provide a great backdrop for the event, which will feature introductions and short presentations from the Assistant Scoutmasters.

These presentations will be aimed towards things important to the participants before the course starts, such as packing dos and don'ts, uniforming and general expectations. According to sources, addressing the specific questions or concerns of the participants is the most important reason for meeting. Those attending should also expect coffee, donuts and a high level of enthusiasm from the staff.

For the convenience of those who have never been to the John Nichols Scout Ranch, WB 2119 webmasters have added 2 maps to the course website. One map will help navigation to the Ranch and one is a map of the Ranch itself. These maps are located on the "Resource" tab, at the bottom of the "Course Logistics/Forms" notebook page.


Tina Kelly, Scoutmaster of WB 2119 has officially contacted the Quartermaster staff concerning the weather at Camp George Thomas during this year's Spring course. She has specifically requested mild sunny days of at least 70 degrees. In addition, she requested that any and all rain be postponed until the Monday following both weekends.

When asked about the possibility of storms, Scoutmaster Kelly laughed saying, "Well, it goes without saying that here in Oklahoma, storms are a concern. I trust however that the Quartermasters will do a great job of heading off anything serious. Should another organization get in their "storm free" event application before we do, I'm confident that we are equipped at camp to handle things. In addition to current options for safety, it's possible that the new storm shelters will be installed before the course starts."

Lead Quartermaster, Tommy Don Neighbors was unavailable for interview, but his secretary passed on this statement. "While Oklahoma weather is notoriously hard to predict, me and my team will do our best to fulfill the Scoutmaster's request for good weather."


The annual Wood Badge Reunion Banquet will be held January 28, 2012 in Lawton. For the past several years this banquet has been held in and around the OKC area. However, this year the Wood Badge Committee made the decision to shake things up with a new location. The food will be catered by El Chico's.

Don't miss this chance to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. Bring money for the silent auction and your best singing voice. If you can't bring your best singing voice then bring your loudest.

      Click on the mini-flier for a printable PDF and more details. Get your reservation in early!



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On December 1st, an opportunity for service brought together 25 scouts and family members to the HUGS Project. HUGS is a locally based organization whose mission involves sending care packages to American troops serving in harm's way.  Represented in the group were Wood Badge 2119 staff members, Cub Scout Pack 180 and Girl Scout Troops 798 and 662.

This Christmas, HUGS expects to ship approximately 3,500 boxes overseas, each containing a wide variety of things meant to show gratitude, provide comfort and lift the spirits of those who on our behalf, will be far away from home for the holidays.

                 WOOD BADGE PART


A direct contact Scout leader is considered fully trained and entitled to wear the Trained Leader emblem when he or she has completed the following training courses.

Fast Start Training.

Youth Protection Training.

This is Scouting.

Position Specific Training.

Upon completion of Leader Specific Training, an adult is eligible to attend Wood Badge for the 21st Century. As the core leadership  


skills training course for the BSA, Wood Badge focuses on strengthening every volunteer's ability to work with groups of youth and adults and is less focused on outdoor skills, which are more effectively addressed in other training courses.