The Staff of Wood Badge Course SR-1038



Kevin Cole, Scoutmaster (Course Director): Thank you for considering to be a part of this experience called Wood Badge. We will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience; that will change the way you look at Scouting. On behalf of the staff of SR-1038 we are committed to bringing you the best time you have ever had while being trained. I look forward to meeting and talking with each and everyone of you. Come join us for SR-1038.
Therese Hood, Assistant Scoutmaster - Program: It is truly an opportunity for a person to attend a Wood Badge Course. The information and skill development a participant experiences benefits both the individual and their relationships with others. Participants return from the course with education on topics that aid personal growth and development, communication and interaction with their loved ones, business associates, as well as their involvement in the Scouting program. Personal leadership and leadership of others is clearly illustrated and practiced. Our staff prepares extensively to present our course to give each participant the very best Wood Badge experience.You should join us; if you haven't completed your application, WHY NOT?
Jennie Croslin, Assistant Scoutmaster - Physical Arrangements/Chaplin: I am looking forward to your time at Wood Badge! It will be a mountain top experience in your scouting career. The leadership skills you learn will not only benefit your unit and your scouts, but it will benefit your own personal development! I'm proud of you for making the choice to attend Wood Badge - you will always remember what happens here. See you in September!
Bruce Forsyth, Senior Patrol Leader: The first few times I was asked to go to Wood Badge I said no. I didnít understand what Wood Badge would give me. When I finally attended I discovered that Wood Badge offers a leadership training experience that exceeds anything I had imagined. Donít put it off like I did. Join our team in the fall of 2010 to develop leadership skills that will help you become a better leader in Scouting as well as helping you in your personal and professional lives. Ask any Wood Badger you know ó it will be an experience that you will never forget!
Jeff Lampe, Quartermaster: Come join us this fall to have a training experience like no other! Youíll be glad you did.
Dennis Byford, Assistant Quartermaster: Wood Badge has given me the tools and experience to make a positive impact in my life and the lives of others.
Tommy Don Neighbors, Assistant Quartermaster: Wood Badge is a great learning experience! It is hard, but if you come with a can do attitude to learn and have lots of FUN, it will be well worth the effort put into it. You will gain friends and experience for life.
Tammy Brown, Scribe: Want to have FUN and learn lifelong leader skills; then look no further. Wood Badge is the training for you! Wood Badge changed my life and it can change yours also! Iíve never talked to anyone that hasnít loved attending the course; they usually ask why it took them so long to attend. So become apart of SR-1038 youíll be happy you did.
Neal Hubbard II, Assistant Scribe (Audio Visual): Attend Wood Badge to have fun, gain a new family, and leave a legacy for future generations.
B.K. Turner, Assistant Scoutmaster - Troop Guides: I have been active in Scouting for many years. Wood Badge has opened an entire new chapter in my Scouting life. I had never been exposed to the understanding of team building, managing conflict, listening and prioritization in Scouting or my everyday life. Wood Badge increased my understanding of these and many other life skills. I feel my Troop, my family and my business have all seen the great benefit of Wood Badge.
Garry Ferren, Troop Guide: I was excited when I went through Wood Badge SR-896 in Sep. 2008; not only to get a chance to receive more up to date training but also have some adult fun!! Everyone I know that has went through Wood Badge has had a very meaningful experience and I wanted too have one also. The course exceeded my expectations. If youíre serious about raising your children with certain morals and guidelines this course is a MUST!! Come on; don't wait, you will not be disappointed. I pinky swear.
David Liszezki, Troop Guide: Wood Badge has made a positive difference in how I raise my five boys, military service, and the vision that I have for Will Rogersís district and the youth. Plus it is FUN!
Debbie Chilcoat, Troop Guide: Wood Badge is a once in a lifetime experience that you will not want to miss. You will make lasting friendships and memories. You will receive a lot of leadership tools for your involvement in Scouts, but the blessings you receive in your personal life are worth any type of sacrifice you will make in order to be in attendance at a Wood Badge course. This course will change your life!
Gordon Shaw, Troop Guide: Wood Badge is not just a leadership course; it is an experience to take through life. The lessons learned at Wood Badge not only make for a better Boy Scout Program but gives you so many things to take into your personal life. Leadership, teamwork; team building and building upon your already estalblished values are just a few things you will take away from the Wood Badge course.
Nick Elias, Troop Guide: Wood Badge gave me the training I needed to become a stronger leader in my troop. This was one of the best experiences Iíve had in my life. Iíve made a lot of new friends who had the same ideas and goals as myself. Donít miss out on this opportunity. You will not be disappointed.
Terrie Ford, Troop Guide: ďDO SOMETHING!Ē
Lane Adkisson, Troop Guide: Wood Badge is important to me because every boy deserves a trained leader. We volunteer at the request of our sons or out of necessity as no one else will step up to the position, but isn't it amazing when the boys show you something that you have been trying to teach them? Wood Badge prepares us as leaders to teach the boys the proper life skills to become the leaders of the future and the first time you see the pride and understanding in their eyes you know that the training is worth every penny.
David McDaniel, Troop Guide: Wood Badge......Where else could you have so much fun and learn something too.
Colleen Bicket, Support Staff: Wood Badge is the highest level of local adult Scout training that is offered. It will benefit you not only in your Scouting career, but the team development and leadership skills can be applied to your life in the areas of home, church, work, and any area where you work with a group of people. Sign up NOW! You won't regret it!!
Dorman Morsman, Support Staff:
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Mike Veasey, Support Staff:
Paul Bicket, Support Staff: Training makes your Scouting "job" or position much easier because you know what you should be doing. Besides that, it's fun and it enhances the BSA programs for the youth.
Gary Gleaves, Support Staff: There is no teaching to compare with example.
John Levick, Support Staff:
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